Mini Golf

Mini Links was designed with one thing in mind, big-time FUN! The award winning Tour Links system easily turns any location into a profit producing business or event. The patented panel system allows for easy set up and shipping excellence never before seen in the portable mini golf market. It’s simple: just link the panels together over any terrain and lay out the pre-cut turf. That's it! Plus, Mini Links holes are available with or without our challenging props.


  • Great revenue generating potential
  • Sets up anywhere crowds gather: Shopping Centres, Campsites, Stores, Stadiums, Showrooms, Event Halls, Festivals, Fairs, Expos
  • Perfect for parties, corporate events, and tradeshow rentals
  • Easy installation and easy on the chequebook
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Sold with and without props
  • Fraction of the cost of a permanently constructed mini golf course
  • Completely mobile, stores away neatly in the off season
  • Fabulous fund raiser, Awesome family fun

Thousands of serious golfers respect Tour Links putting greens as the best in the world. Add a big barrel of belly laughs and gargantuan good times, you have Mini Links. 

Our greens are sold in four different options,

  • 9 Hole with props
  • 9 holes witout
  • 18 holes with props
  • 18 holes without props

We have a large catalogue with images of different types available, please call us on 01925 244440 to discuss information and prices.