Practice Bay – Superior Net & Frame

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Developed over many years of continuous improvement, we believe our practice net specification is one of the best on the market.
The 'complete' enclosure (including the frame) is supplied with pipe padding and fixings. Specially developed velcro tie straps are also supplied to attach nets to the padded framework. Each single Bay measures 3m x 3m x 3m.
Cage Net: 
Produced from emerald green knotless nylon heavy duty 90s twine netting. Roof, sides and back are 25mm square mesh, corded together and around the perimeter with 5mm green braid.
Baffle Net / Striking Curtain:
Produced from 2 layers of lightweight green nylon archery netting, with 100mm green webbing doubled over & stitched to sides & bottom, and heavy leadline encased in bottom hem. Central 3.1m of baffle net is attached to roof 0.3m in from back, with the remaining 0.3m of baffle net on either side folded forward & attached to join between roof & side wall.
Safety Padding
13mm thick foam wall tubes x 2m long with 42mm bore to fit our cage frame/pipework.